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Not many know about this bunker. It is big one, made inside of a serpents wall and located by the lake.


Some equipment still left, like holder for a large-calibre mashine gun.

It is how embrasure work from inside

There are several rooms under ground and construction of this bunker had system of flooding with water from the lake. When Soviet army was leaving, they filled this bunker with water and it stands flooded ever since.


There is also open air cafe on this lake that we hang out with my friends in summer.

Once we've been sitting up late and as we say here, a night without wine is as good as a wedding night without bride, so we've been drinking little by little and talking about this bunker. Eventually, one guy got too much of wine and decided to put end to those talks and dive inside of a bunker..

Good, it happened on point when common sense still didn't leave the rest of us and we tied him with the rope and provided with waterproof torch.

He dived and has been quiet for a couple of minutes, then we pulled him out and it took another few mins to bring him to life as he gulped water.

As he went back on the world of living he said that he saw cannons.

This news puzzled us because there is no way to drag artillery down, unless it was some other room hidden in the serpents wall.

I refer this statement to ghostly, because someone drunk diving in a war cellar can see not only cannons, but can also see Stalin stand guarding them or even Devil himself may show up.

In any way, If I happen to get aqualung or get too much wine one of the summer nights then I'll tell what in this cellar


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