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Night on the Eve of Ivan Kupala.

This is me, standing on other side of a pond, watching how young folks celebrating Ivan Kupala. It is one of the most ancient Slavic feasts. It goes back to pagan.


Kupala is mystical, beautiful, wild and very erotic folk feast. Couples jumping over fire, telling fortunes, girls putting garlands on water and if garland is heading in dirrection of some village, then she must expect a future husband from this village.., at dawn going swim naked and boys who already heated up with strong drinks chasing them... and it is what Kupala is about, everyone expect to find match at this night.

some photos taken from internet


Particulary in this village such formalities as telling fortunes and putting garlands were excluded from ritual. Young folks can't wait to proceed with the sweetest, adult part.

I am still on the point of age when girls run on full gear at Kupala night, I would play, but I am afraid that dressed in BDU's and armed with RGD-33 grenade; the boys would be more likely to run away than to chase me.


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