Graveyard residence
Soldiers Graves
Bunker N205
Fotified Kiev
Iron bunker
Flooded Bunker
Digging in road
Cool six-shooter
Lake Bunker
Appearance of Scooturo
Garbage pit
Enchanted bottle
Sophocles advice
Haunted hills
Ivan Kupala
On Defence Line
Scooturo Casualty
General Vlasov
Digging in marsh
Munitions & Bones
Das Reich
Deaths Head ring
Korsun battlefield
Iron Cross
Ukrainian Anarchists
Witches Sabbath
My Trophies
Baby Yar
Luteg beachhead

Each bunker had it's history..

There were 14 different type of bunkers.

This one is iron "B" type, N 131.


A crew of 11 held defence for 4 days of serious attacks and as infantry have been dislodged from the trenches, 131st was surrendered and all soldiers died in fire of flame thrower.

To me visiting this bunker is always eerie, I don't know why, may be because all soldiers have been there for a few month before someone burried them.


By the way, there is no excursions for a first defence line.

There is couple of bunkers-memorials, but the rest are neglected. Some out of way that no many people know about.

Neglected, because this days people forget their history, ask anyone in downtown where is bunkers, they don't have no idea what is bunkers. They can only show pubs and I can show both bunkers and pubs.  

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