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The brass buckle of Tsar Army soldier, it is left either from WW1 or revolution 1917.

Time of revolution has been a time of a complete chaos. There were a lot of fightings around my town. There was the Red Army and the White army fighting each other, and an army of Ukrainian anarchists fighting them all.


The Red army are rebels-communists. Anarchistrs wanted independence for Ukraine from anyone and they didn't care whom to fight, their motto was- to beat red before they become white and to beat white untill they become red...

Eventually Red army won and cheerful days of communism began. They began with the robery of rich citizens and expelling them from the country. As a scriptural seven skinny crows ate up a fat crow and didn't become any fater, so is our ragged fellows robbed a rich fellows and didn't become any richer. Powerty was written all over and the Soviet epoch didn't left us many valuable things that would be worth digging for them. It left plenty of graves.

Burial of that time. It is engraved,- "rest in peace Maksim Semenako whom bandits killed in 1919".

In 1943 Maksim Semenako got another five bullets in backside of his tombstone.

Graveyards often located on the hills and have been good strategic places on WW2 battles.

It is from modern history of our neighbourhood. A while ago some guy settled on the middle of a graveyard.

Every time I pass by I wonder if it is the piece of cheap land in a green and quiet place that broker told me about.

I also wonder if I'd live here. Answer is- NO, let my neighbours next door to be a heavy metal band with the name of "night owl", I'd still prefer to listen a hard rock at nights to funeral marches in the mornings.


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