Graveyard residence
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Bunker N205
Fotified Kiev
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Appearance of Scooturo
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Enchanted bottle
Sophocles advice
Haunted hills
Ivan Kupala
On Defence Line
Scooturo Casualty
General Vlasov
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Das Reich
Deaths Head ring
Korsun battlefield
Iron Cross
Ukrainian Anarchists
Witches Sabbath
My Trophies
Baby Yar
Luteg beachhead

Historians believe that building each wall could take some 20-30 years. That's a piece of work, but it was worth the time and efforts, the walls have been used for defence of a town throughout all history.


In 1929 by Stalins order they start building so called defence line around western side of Kiev and some bunkers has been mounted right into the walls.

Since then the embrasures, the bunker openings, overlook everyone.



It is the openings of bunker N205. There were several embrasures. This had an underground passages and had enough room for more then 100 soldiers to stay inside. This bunker is unexplored, it stays closed since war.

They closed many bunkers for people not to blow on mines.


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