Graveyard residence
Soldiers Graves
Bunker N205
Fotified Kiev
Iron bunker
Flooded Bunker
Digging in road
Cool six-shooter
Lake Bunker
Appearance of Scooturo
Garbage pit
Enchanted bottle
Sophocles advice
Haunted hills
Ivan Kupala
On Defence Line
Scooturo Casualty
General Vlasov
Digging in marsh
Munitions & Bones
Das Reich
Deaths Head ring
Korsun battlefield
Iron Cross
Ukrainian Anarchists
Witches Sabbath
My Trophies
Baby Yar
Luteg beachhead
Some marshes in the area are dryed out.   Digging is easy, like in butter, also there are no roots, no corks, nails, cans and other subjects that interfere with using a metal detector.

We have delayed digging in marshy areas until October to avoid the mosquitos.

Items recovered from a marsh are in a good condition. With cleaning this grenade would look like new. We didn't clean it, we don't mess with 1941 explosives.  We burried this grenade.


First item is Soviet vaseline. Some left and even have an original smell. Vaseline is still produced in the same packaging today.


Aluminium spoon and fork is standard German army set.

The spoons are often found at Soviet positions, the Soviet soldiers were throwing their heavy spoons away and taking trophies.

So did I. Now, I carry the aluminium set on campings and big soviet iron spoon that was found in Bukrin is retired.


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