Graveyard residence
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Bunker N205
Fotified Kiev
Iron bunker
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Cool six-shooter
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Appearance of Scooturo
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Enchanted bottle
Sophocles advice
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Scooturo Casualty
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Das Reich
Deaths Head ring
Korsun battlefield
Iron Cross
Ukrainian Anarchists
Witches Sabbath
My Trophies
Baby Yar
Luteg beachhead

Bottles from Schnapps. A German vodka. We found them empty, but a local guys from other search group had more luck and dug up a sealed one.

It was a real war bottle of schnapps and as every true old bottle it was enchanted and from the moment when guys opened it everything went wrong.

Short after they emptied an enchanted bottle they have been seen at a liquor store and in evening they couldn't get out of trench. This is what we call a day went in a gutter.


We have found a few sealed bottles of wine, beer and cocktail Molotova.

It is an ambulance box with rubber plaster.

On second photo is a box for a gas mask, some filters left with instructions of how to use them. May be this box was brought here with the blast.

Here is German army cap and small tubes with ointment against louses.


Sitting in this hole for a second time in my life, I wished I could speak German. First time was when I came accross a book of Arthur Schopenhauer in a bad translation. He said in this book that he was not a very concerned about his sins, because price for the sins we'll pay in the world thereafter, but he was really concerned about his mistakes, where price we got to pay already in this world...

In Soviet Union a human life didn't mean anything and they have been paying with lives of 11 Soviet army people for 1 German. It was an average death rate for such battles as Bukrin. Eleven against one. I believe, it was hard to fight such army and it was a big mistake for a Hitler to send a troops here.

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