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Luteg beachhead

This is how embrasure look after bunker undergone the frontal attack of regular army.

It was really hot here.


Next bunker is one that stood in a marsh. There was no lake then..

It should be a memorial telling people on the beach that these two or three bunkers held back the German Army. Without the resistance of the soldiers in these bunkers, the Germans would have crossed the bridges the same day. That would have caused an even earlier surrender of the Soviet Army.

On its own, Bunker N106 stopped the attacking Germans for 6 hours. The bunker finally fell, but by then Soviet reinforcements had arrived to strengthen the defense.



This bunker was last in a row, with taking it German army broke through defence line, they lost few hundred troops here.

We are not going to dig in this place, after war it was a pioneer camp, every summer woods have been full of kids and nothing interesting left except for this statue.

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A battle for defence of Kiev lasted for 72 days.

It was a complete defeat of Soviet Army with 611.000 being surrendered and killed.

If not for those bunkers, then casualties might be worse.