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Me again, inspecting a new war bottle. We found it in a trenches of SS division "Viking". This armoured division was stationed in Bukrin area, near the town of Kanev.

The bottle designed for mint balm, unfortunately it was found empty.


Another armored SS division "Das Reich" stationed near the village of Chodorov.

It was the same famous "Das Reich" that captured Belgrad in 1941 and in winter 1942 have been just a few kms from Moskov.

A trick about Bukrin was that Germans deployed selected forces for this battle and Soviet sent here a guys in a black shirts.


On last photo is Luftwaffe SS aluminium buckle. Although Luftwaffe stands for airborne, they have been taking part in a ground combat and usually haven't been good in it. Condition of the backle shows that owner had to crawl on belly now and then. All infantry backles in this conditions, some weared out that nothing can be seen.

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