They reduced radiation level, but couldn't save the town.

Poleskoye is ancient place. First it was mentioned in chronicles in year 945 AD when one Grand Duke of Kiev was killed and burried here.

Village got a name of Mogilnoye, which mean,- by grave and carried this name throughout many centuries.

Now, it live up it's ancient name.

Trees growing on the roofs.

No way to break through to the town cemetery.

Ploughed up earth, shows that wild boars already began to visiting this town.

Population of Poleskoye now is only six or seven people that left of former twelve thousand. This year, is a first year when population began to grow, a few homeless moved here from a big land. They will defend the town from advance of a boars and wormwood. Let's wish them luck and finish our journey.

Here is belorussian woolf and boar, the future residents of Poleskoye.

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