This is the roads we travel, some places they good.

Some places they not.

Sometimes, a fallen poles crossing our road.

As long as we travel through the WOLVES LAND, we only see the shadows of a dead villages and ruined farms. We also see, the grass that growing aside the road, we call this grass chernobyl, the wormwood. It has bitter taste.

If we travel in autumn, the fruit trees will bent low asking to treat ourself to those big apples and pears, but we don't take them.

The Revelation book, said the great star, burning as it were a lamp, fallen upon the third part rivers, and upon the fountains of waters and made them bitter... so, we don't drink from this fountains either.

Nature is relentless at reclaiming the land. In some hundred years all signs of humanity will be gone from here. Radiation will stay long after that. The future of this land is radiation, wolves and wormwood.

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