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July 7, 2004

First let me say that I have nothing to do with this project other than donating the bandwidth to allow the world to see it. When I first saw the site, Angelfire could not handle the amount of traffic the site was receiveing. I knew my server could. Then Angelfire began plastering the site with banner ads shamelessly trying to make money off the site. This is the point at which Elena shut the site down, not because she had anything to hide.

Regardless of what is true, this site has certainly made people think more about Chernobyl and this tragic disaster.

However, this story has been there for years and has been primarily forgotten and neglected.

After "Elena" brought this story to light, everyone that claims to be an expert has come forward identifying it as a hoax or a fraud.

How ironic that although they would label her a hoax and a fraud, she was able to achieve what they could not even dream of achieving. Bringing this issue the world wide attention it deserves.

As the only email contact, I have seen each of the moving emails that were directed to "Elena."
Her words have definitely made the world think about this piece of forgotten history. I have seen every request from news agencies from around the world, each of the big names, begging for interviews.

"Elena" wanted nothing to do with these interviews.

I offered to setup a paypal donate account to create a fund for the project and local charities.

"Elena" Wanted nothing to do with it.

Did she do it for fame or notoriety or even money?

Or did she do it in order to bring attention to a forgotten region.

Read her words and decide for yourself.